Xmplar helps customers understand the intricacies of the rapidly changing business environment and
provides innovative, transparent, effective, and comprehensive solutions to optimize existing resources.

Product Engineering

In modern era organizations are driven to constantly improve their product life cycle. Since they find it tough to meet growing customer expectations on quality, cost and fast-changing technologies therefore demand for outsourced product engineering services is growing at an extraordinary pace.  Xmplar helps its clients by delivering such state-of-the-art product engineering solutions to focus on their core business processes. We work closely with our clients to design and deliver cutting-edge technology.

Custom Application Development

We are experts in delivering custom-tailored scalable software solutions which backed by well- fabricated backend to very practical front-end. Whether you are a large enterprise or an early stage start-up, we can give your custom-tailored application project a boost. We are technology agnostic and can deliver solutions in cutting edge time-tested languages, tools and frameworks. Our heritage, when it comes to solving difficult problems and exceling where others fail, and helping on designing, architecting and delivering solutions rather than just service.

Mobile Application Development

Xmplar has expertise in developing mobile applications for different types of businesses with proven expertise.


Application Modernization

Most enterprises are facing big challenges to migrate their legacy applications to modern platform. Every software transformation initiative is faced with their own unique set of risks and challenges. Lack of documentation, huge code and data maintenance, obscure legacy platforms and data loss during migration resulting in unexpected and inaccurate results from applications. Most of these arise from a gap in understanding of the problem and lack of a strong methodology support. Xmplar has expert team to handle all these challenges and it’s re-engineering and modernization service helps organizations to consolidate and integrate applications more effectively. Xmplar follows a standard practice for re-engineering of product or application by reverse/ forward engineering, restructuring across platforms – databases and operating systems, re-documentation and translation of web solutions.

CoE-Center of Excellence-Java

Xmplar CoE is one-point access for all flavoured Java expertise. Java CoE has been established at Xmplar with the objective of helping clients in realizing the business benefits through adoption of Java Technology. Xmplar has successfully executed projects using a wide array of Java tools and technologies. The majority of projects are executed in the Software Application space to address critical business problems through, large talented resource pool of developers, technical specialists and architects proficient on the Java platform.
COE- Java
Application Maintenance

Application Support & Maintenance

Application failure and downtime can frustrate end users and have a serious impact on your operations. As budgets shrink and application environments grow more complex, it pays to have an experienced IT partner.
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