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Optimize operations and save costs with a budget-friendly ERP, that can power up mid-sized businesses quickly, and effectively.

Our Awards

The awards that we won over the years recognize the capabilities of CREST ERP, our technical expertise, and commitment to excellence

CREST ERP - Modules

Functional modules in CREST ERP cover the entire needs of an area of operation of a business, such as Sales, Purchasing, Manufacturing etc. These modules are interconnected and interdependent, making it a seamless application user experience.

Inventory Management

  • Classify, codify and group inventory items, for easier processes and tracking
  • Maintain accurate and current pricing information
  • Set stock levels for minimum, maximum and reorder for process automation
  • Maintain dteails such as maufacturing/prcourement date, expiry date, batch number etc., to avoid stock obsolescence, wastage etc.
  • Maintain accurate stock values at all times

Procurement Management

  • Bring discipline to the function of procurement of raw materials, components and other bought-outs
  • Maintain control from Request For Quotations [RFQ], to Supplier Invoice entry
  • Choose from multiple Supplier Quotes and place Purchase Order based on the same
  • Track POs based on status and ensure completion
  • Use procurement reports to make correct and timely decisions

Production Management

  • Material Requirement Planning [MRP] based on inventory levels, or sales orders
  • Automatic generation of Production Orders duing MRP run
  • Production orders – Create standard and special production orders and allow manual or back-flush of components based on BOM.
  • Fine control on Production Orders - release, hold/pause, end
  • Simple production Routing
  • Accurate production costs,based on configuration
  • Easy reporting of production
  • Easy materials control – issues and returns
  • Work in progress accounts and Item balances are updated in real time, as components are issued against production orders

Sales Management

  • Maintain the process flow from Quote, all the way down to Order, Picking, Packing, Shipment, and Sales Invoicing process.
  • Shorten the order-to-cash cycle. Invoice automatically, and use dunning to collect faster
  • User-friendly contextual, menus that show the next step in the order management chain
  • Workflows to ensure compliance with policiies
  • Effective and accurate pricing and margin maintenance.
  • Simple, basic warehouse planning, for easier storage and retrieval

Accounts Payable

  • Accurate, automatic accounting of purchase bills
  • Enforces adequate controls on payments, with workflows
  • Proper GST and TDS protocols that ensure compliance
  • Flexible AP ageing reporting, to plan payments

Accounts Receivable

  • Error-free sales invoicing and automatic accounting
  • Option to set off Purhcase bills, if the party is also a supplier
  • Accurate accounting of GST
  • Configurable ageing reports, for close monitoring of collections

Fixed Assets

  • Record Fixed Assets at the time of purchase
  • Facilitate statutory audits and ensure statutory compliance
  • Ensure availability of Assets critical for operations.
  • Track the location and condition of Fixed Assets
  • Automatic depreciation accounting
  • Configure costs to be used in product costing
  • Retirement, scrappages and write-offs of Fixed Assets




Eliminates redundant processes through standardization and automation. Workflows ensure process completion. Step-through status indicators help users save time and prioritize transactions



CREST ERP scales up to accommodate additional processes, functionalities, and users, as the business grows over time.

Security & Regulatory Compliance

Security & Regulatory Compliance

Keeps all enterprise data in a centralized storage, thus giving a greater control on data and its visibility. Unauthorized use is prevented by means of role-based access controls.

Forecast & Tracking

Forecast & Tracking

CREST ERP makes it easier to track orders, production, inventory, and finances. Time series data can be used to make various forecasts (projections)



Integration of modules and features eliminates departmental boundaries. Staff are required to collaborate to initiate a transaction, and complete it.

Cost Savings

Cost Savings

Functional integration leads to higher operational efficiencies, which show up as lower costs, or higher profits. CREST ERP prevents inventory build-up, speeds up order turnaround, and lowers working capital requirements.

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