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CREST SFA - Modules

Journey Plan & Sales Targets

  •  Fields operation management system application allows the Sales representative to plan their daily / weekly / monthly schedule detailing the outlets which they would be visiting. Respective managers have a provision to review the Journey plan and approve them.
  • Periodic Sales targets can be set and their performance can be measured against the targets at different time periods.
  • Various reports are made available for the Sales representatives, Area & Regional Sales Managers and for the Admin, which enables the management team to have a better control on the various KPI – Key Performance Indicators set for the individuals. This field sales force management system helps you to maintain it all.

Order Booking

  • The simple and precise order booking process through a smartphone. This field force management app helps you do it all on-the-go.
  • Online and Offline order booking option ensures that the Sales team is not stranded for want of Internet connection.
  • Near real-time data processing of data. Auto synchronization of data once the internet connections is established.
  • Flexible product search functionality, Viewing of complete Product information along with their images and price at the time of order booking.
  • Provision to Edit order and cancel the products. Field force tracking and management system helps you do it quickly and easily

Lead and Activity Management

  • Capturing of Leads along with Images and their co-ordinates for effective tracking.
  • Approval process for Leads ensures that the right leads are being created by your sales team. It has field force automation for maintenance. CREST CRM helps in creating one or more opportunities against a specific lead.
  • System automatically records the date and time stamp of order booking along with the booking coordinates enabling a better control on your sales force activities.
  • Sales representatives also have an option to capture their daily activities.

Data Synchronization

  • Any new product created or any price change to the existing products in the CREST ERP are automatically synchronized to the smart phone and hence the Sales representative will have instant view of these changes. Field force automation for small businesses work smoothly on all platforms.
  • Sales representatives are enabled to show the product information online to the outlets or to the new leads which enables in conversions.
  • If there is no internet connectivity then all the orders booked by the Sales representative is automatically synchronized back to the ERP and there is no need for any manual data entry.

Dashboards & Management Reports

  • Intuitive and Crisp dashboards are available for the Sales representative and for the Managers.
  • These dashboards help the Sales representative in doing his/her own self appraisal to assess the performance.
  • Managers dashboard give a consolidated view on their teams performance and if needed the manager can analyze individual team member performance too.
  • Exception reports enable the managers to have better control on the sales representative about their actual visit to the outlet, the place where they have taken the order, their attendance etc.


Go Mobile

Your Smartphone is no longer just a Smartphone. It’s going to be your portable sales office. You can create your lead and track them to closure, log your Orders, check your sales performance and stay in pace with the work opportunities anywhere you are.

Workflow and Approvals

With simple and easy to use GUI, designing and automating your business processes have never been easier. Manage your business processes such as Lead approval, Activities, and much more through the flexible approval system. For Trading, Manufacturing industries, our CREST ERP will help in managing business operations.

Inside Sales Console

Deliver your inside sales team with the perfect booster they need. Your sales team can now access intelligent reports on various sales dimensions, status of multiple leads from a single screen, building a smarter and faster workforce.

The Bottom-Line

CREST Sales Force Automation System is absolutely a necessity for any business whose backbone is sales and customer relationship management. SFA software can cut down wasted work hours while improving productivity multiple folds. If you need your business to stay in the game against heavy competition, CREST SFA is the answer.

Reports and Dashboards

Access your dashboards from anywhere and anytime to get real-time reports of your businesses via intuitive interface and graphics.

GPS Tracking

Track the coordinates from where the Order was booked by the Sales representative and have an effective control on their productivity.

CREST SFA - Access your Business anytime, anywhere