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Criminal Record Information system

The Department of Criminal Justice Information Systems of a US state wanted to replace their legacy system with a web-based one, to facilitate easy access to authorized individuals and organizations.

Solution Overview

The system had to be designed to process over 100,000 requests per month, and required a Rules Engine. The Dept. introduced new, more efficient processes via the new system. The emphasis was on speed of responses to queries by various stakeholders. The system is also a good source of income for the department, that it earns from fees for accessing information.

Impactful Results

Average income went up by around 20% in an year. The system that we built cut down the turnaround time for information queries to a mere two minutes, from two days earlier!. It helped raise worker productivity, by almost entirely doing away with paperwork. The system has seen active users in excess of 140,000, without any impact on performance

  1. Paper based processes and redundancy
  2. Slow turnaround of requests that took 2 days to process
  3. Data quality and migration
Solution Capabilities

The solution is a critical piece in the criminal justice system. It doesn't just serve the information needs of various stakeholders, it brings revenue to the department too!

  1. Standardized processing of information requests by replacing legacy processes
  2. Electronic payments 
  3. Created a central repository for all crime-related data of the state.


Near-total elimination of paper-based processes

Faster processing of information requests, boosting the state's revenue

24x7 access to data for the stakeholders

Generates plenty of usage data for the department to analyse and use in decision-making

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