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Correctional Industries' Modernization

The Correctional Industries department of a US state suffered from various challenges in its Optical Lab, that offered prescription glasses. From having to use an outdated system, to paper-fax processes, to regulatory compliance

In Brief

SOlution overview

The flexible Optical Lab System, includes the following modules: provider portal for order and account management, integration with health plans to automate eligibility checks, electronic health industry claim billing, and lab work order lifecycle management

Built on a proven, open source Enterprise Resource Planning [ERP] system, a framework that enables information flow across the entire organization. This allows the user organization with maximum flexibility, by allowing for future expansion. Easy to integrate the system, without the costs associated with proprietary technologies and data formats.

Impactful Results

A seamless platform made the operation of the Optical Lab highly efficient, economical and responsive. All that, for or a fraction of the cost that they would've normally spent!


A dated information system pulls down the performance of a large team, causing customer dissatisfaction, and affecting staff morale

  • Unsustainable or unsupportable legacy
  • High daily call volume of provider inquiries
    Manual processes
  • Paper and fax ordering process
  • Patient plan eligibility look-ups
  • Review for incomplete/incorrect orders
  • Checks required to verify order is
    compliant with regulations, catalog
    and tolerances
  • Time-consuming or error-prone healthcare
    claim billing process
  • Solution Capabilities

    A high-traffic, high-impact operation called for a highly efficient system, that we designed and developed for them

    1. Order portal:
      • Order entry and status tracking
      • Account and user management
      • Dashboard activities and notices
    2. Data exchange capabilities
      • Patient verification and eligibility check
      • Provider/patient information transfer
      • Order and prescription (Rx) validation
    3. Contract rules compliance
    4. Electronic claim billing
    5. Lab work order status tracking
    6. Integration capabilities


    Electronic order entry, with immediate order acceptance

    Automatic patient eligibility verification

    Patient/provider data populated from state health system

    Automatic claim billing and elimination of errors

    Reduced customer service inquiries

    Seamless integration with partner agencies

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