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Background Check and Licensing Certification System for State Police

The system provides the Certification Unit with an application to facilitate the licensing, background investigation, and management of private investigators, watch guards, and special state police officers of a major US state. This replaced a legacy Lotus Notes and paper-based system.

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In Brief

Solution overview

The application has standard components for Workflow Management , Document Management, Inter agency interface, Search options, Report definition, User portal etc.. It establishes a complete system for processing firearms licenses and registrations. Not only does it provide a standardized, streamlined and central source for managing all firearms licensing and registration information but it also consolidates disparate licensing and registration processes and data.

The system supports a user base of 500+ and issues over 40,000+ licenses per year, and incrementally replaced an out-dated legacy system.

Impactful Results

The system has a positive impact on public safety by providing instant identification,tracking and management of firearms information,meeting legislative requirements and replaces a manual-intensive process.


A critical government function suffered from legacy issues, affecting service delivery

  • Paper-based process
  • Process redundancy
  • Quality of data & migration
  • Rising number of bottlenecks
Solution Capabilities

We found several ways in which a technologically better system could support the department's work

  • Standardized license processing & registration processing
  • Centralized query & repository
  • Secured role based access
  • Audit Trial – Centrally managed
  • Integration – with CAD / RMS
  • Aggregated data analysis


Streamlining of firearms licensing & registration process

Online & real time querying and sharing of firearms licensing & registration data

Cost saving and efficiency gains

Data centralization of firearms data

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