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Winning The Working Capital Game. With CREST ERP

One of the most important areas of financial management should be given adequate attention during an ERP implementation. This is an area where the business can gain a lot from using an ERP

Day-to-day business activities consume working capital. If working capital is not closely monitored and managed well, the business will come to a halt sooner, than later. And this is where most SME and mid-sized businesses fail. While everyone will only talk about ‘fund shortage’, ‘fund problem’ etc., it is actually a fund management problem. Knowing precisely what makes up the working capital in the business is the key. Long customer credit period? Vendors refusing credit, or squeezing for early payments? High manufacturing lead time adding to the woes, with large amount of money stuck on the shopfloor?

CrestERP offers you a holistic solution. Showing you the working capital position accurately, with details of credit given and credit taken. Material Requirements Plan based on orders, or available stocks. Neat product scheduling that optimizes shopfloor assets – men, machines, material. Material reports that show you stocks movements. Credit reports that show collection weaknesses. Practically everything that your finance manager needs to get a firm grip on your working capital.

Xmplar guarantees an ERP implemantation, that goes beyond mere software installation and configuration. We collect adequate information about business practices and information needs of various users, in order to fully scope the system. Modifications, or building new features, are considered if there is a strong business case. The users from the organization should prioritise their specific information needs during the implementation.

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