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Influence of ERP systems with Manufacturing, Trading, and Distribution

Influence of ERP systems with Manufacturing, Trading, and Distribution

March 26, 2021

When you embrace technology into your business structure, you bring in more efficiency and productivity. Additionally, these technological advancements also ensure to reduce administrative costs as the system implied will help to eradicate mistakes and errors that largely influence the money and time spent on it. Likewise, an ERP software or Enterprise Resource Planning software enables your organization to automate certain functions in your business which consequently increases the precision of the end results.

Businesses that fall under the category of Manufacturing, Trading, and Distribution services, often carry the continuous pressure of having to meet the growing demands of their clients and ultimately, their targeted consumers. In such cases, certain challenges aimed towards the logistics of the business can be noticeable. These include challenges of managing the functions of a dynamic global market and navigating through the fluctuating demands of the same.

Here’s where CREST ERP software can come in handy. This software, when implemented, can help save both time and money.  CREST ERP Systems for Manufacturing, Trading, and Distribution covers a wide range of features addressing all departmental needs and satisfy’ s all your individual business requirements. 

We have put together a list of key features of CREST ERP system that influences your manufacturing company productivity, which can also help with efficiency and cost-effectiveness, but most importantly, enable your business to make precise, intelligent, and strategic decisions. 

  1. Integrated & Collaborative platform – 

 CREST ERP along with CREST Commerce cloud offers the customers a wide range of modules to choose from, such as Procurement, Inventory, Production, Sales, Financials, CRM, e-Commerce, WebPOS, Dashboards and Reports. CREST ERP has depth of functionalities which will help in completely digitizing and automating your process. Integrated CREST Commerce cloud enables the customer to take their business online with ease.  

  1. Better response to market conditions – 

 In the last couple of years, there has been an increase in the number of businesses that have opted for ERP solutions into their business. This is a precise reflection of how the CREST ERP system can withstand the dynamic nature of the Manufacturing Industry and due to the ease of implementation, it stands as the Best ERP for Small Business as well. 

  1. Secured access to data – 

CREST ERP stores all enterprise data in a centralized storage, thus giving a greater control on data and its visibility. ERP systems are more secure as centralized security policies can be applied to them. All transactions through ERP systems can be tracked. This means that an employee can access data from different departments across the business-like inventory, procurement, production, accounting, sales and more. Furthermore, it will also keep track of day-to-day activities, monitor progress, give timely reminders, and provide regular updates with real-time data. 

  1. Value for money – 

 A robust ERP software system helps manufacturing companies to bring down the overall expenditure. CREST ERP is an enterprise class cloud product with rich functionalities and offered on Subscription model with upfront commitment on QoS and SLA’s. It is a best fit for any Small, Medium & Enterprise class customers who are in the Manufacturing & Trading domain and which comes at a very competitive price.

  1. Insightful decision-making –  

 Certain aspects of manufacturing businesses like production planning, inventory control, process scheduling, the synchronicity of distribution channels, and timed delivery can be foreseen, and further decisions are made from the data previously collected. The real-time data collected by the CREST ERP system allows the decision-makers to understand and get better insight before making their final decisions.

While the benefits to adapt to the Enterprise Resource Planning system for Manufacturing, Trading, and Distribution businesses are numerous, simply opting for any software would not help in achieving your organizational goals. The CREST ERP software stands as the Best ERP for Small Businesses, so no matter the size of your organization, you can always opt for CREST ERP. If you are still on the fence about implementing the CREST ERP software system for your business, you can get further information or post your queries on this to us.

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