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Crest ERP Software - Most affordable ERP in India

Crest ERP Software - Most affordable ERP in India

By Ankit Dhamsaniya

May 2021

Introducing CREST ERP

  • The market is full of a plethora of options when it comes to the enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. One of the extraordinary software is the CREST ERP. Offered by Xmplar, CREST enterprise resource planning is a business solution for the manufacturing and training industries. All the woes of manufacturing and trading companies are well managed by this business solution and you need not invest manual efforts anymore.
  • It is two in one business model as it provides you with both on-premise and cloud-based solutions. As more and more companies are switching to cloud-based models, you can also think of what suits your business the most. This proves that this ERP model is full of flexibility and highly integrated module.
  • This business system also offers a set of modules. It includes inventory management, procurement, project management, sales, finance, and human capital management. All this in turn helps the user with better business performance. With CREST, you need not worry about the management of your business. It takes utmost care of all the corners of your company.
  • CREST ERP saves your employees a lot of time that they can invest in other manual tasks. It also saves your company the fortunes that you might spend during the manual completion of a task. It also tends to repeat a single task more than once because of manual management. But with ERP, all these repetitions are removed and a lot of time is saved.
  • Earlier it was not possible for all sorts of businesses to rely upon this software. But with the introduction of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning, now it’s possible for almost all sorts of businesses to count on this technology. No matter your business is a cottage size or hulk size, you can look forward to CREST ERP for a better performance of your company.
  • Because of the reduced human effort, with the introduction of CREST ERP, your employees can invest their valuable time in other tasks that inevitably need their attention.


There are several features of CREST enterprise resource planning that you must acknowledge in order to have a better understanding of this software. Its amazing features are the main reason why every industry, small or big, is counting upon it for their well-being. So, if you are also one of those who wants a planned business and monitor all your company’s department under one click, CREST ERP is one of the best options available. Its remarkable features are-

Inventory management-

  1. This is a real-time or say near real-time inventory tracking system. The inventory operations are given new standards due to the real-time inventory visibility. Any stock that moves from one place to another is well recorded by this software. It keeps a record of receipts, any issues, etc. Therefore, the stock movement is managed efficiently.
  2. There are no limitations on the type of product that could be recorded under stock movement records. It can record raw materials, digital goods, final goods, various service items, etc.
  3. It also offers warehouse optimization. The locations, serial number, and the batch number could be tracked which helps in better management of the warehouse.

Procurement process

  1. The procurement process can be really hectic when done manually. CREST ERP offers full control over this process right from its initiation to the final purchase. In between the receiver’s quotes, quote finalization, etc. Are all managed by this ERP software.
  2. It can track number of orders and is not limited to any one type. Local, imports, services, etc. are well managed by this software.
  3. CREST ERP has a flexible configuration module. In countries with various Tax and charges system it proves to be highly beneficial. The user can actually define the taxes and charges that need to be considered during the procurement processes.
  5. The agreement process between businesses is streamlined by this software for your company’s ease and comfort.
  6. All the risks, performance, benefits, and the relationship with suppliers are well tracked and reviewed by the software. This is 360-degree visibility that improves your business model.
  7. All the purchase approvals are managed by the software.

Sales management

  • This software helps in generating leads for the company. It also converts the leads to potential trade and keeps tracking all the activities involved during the lead generation.
  • The events and the campaigns organized during the sales process are also managed by the CREST ERP.
  • The primary process of sales is the quote creation followed by orders, sales shipment, and later on customer receipts and invoicing. All these processes are managed by the CREST ERP solutions. It automatically does all these tasks for you which saves your employees a lot of time and effort. It also does away with obvious human errors.
  • With this system, you need not worry about the repetition, or the duplications of any order.
  • The commitment of the sales made to the customers is minutely taken care of via this software. The stock reservation for a particular order and fulfilling the delivery on time is looked after by this ERP software.
  • It keeps on reporting about all the sales processes.
  • The price-fixing of the products is safely and minutely done by the software keeping in mind the margin maintenance.

E-commerce handling:

  • The catalogues are an important part of the e-commerce department of any manufacturing or trading industry. This software creates and also manages the catalogues. It creates the various categories and inside content and sub-categories for various products along with their features.
  • It also offers different types of prices for various products. It includes the default price of the product, its list price, promotional price, group-specific prices for specific customers, etc. It helps you understand the overall scenario of the pricing and then decide the final price.
  • This ERP software also lets you decide the price rules. It lays down specific promotion types of a product and its prices.
  • The payment process, checkout, and shipping functionality uses are made easier and effortless with the help of CREST ERP.
  • It lets you track the order history and track the current order.
  • For better understanding and uses, it has been fully integrated with two other categories – sales and inventory modules.


  • The software offers MRP along with the ERP solutions. The MRP is beneficial when it comes to material and capacity planning. In short, it aids the overall operations.
  • The CREST ERP has an in-built feature of MTO (Make To Order) and MTS (Make To Stock).
  • The software manages the manufacturing orders.
  • It looks after the financial accounting as well. The real-time tracking of the WIP as well as its labor, Machine, tools, and overhead costs are automatically done by this software. All this helps in deciding the real cost of the product.

Finance management:

  • This software allows you to establish various legal entities with each having its separate own Currencies, COA, and calendar.
  • The passing of financial vouchers have become easier as the software includes flexible AAS (Automatic Accounting Schedule)
  • Payment and billing accounts are flexible which in turn helps in accounts management.
  • Your company can manage different tenants in just a few clicks under one roof.
  • It also offers reports for statutory requirements like GST and TDS
  • It provided the e-filing forms for GST returns.

Project management:

  • Any project is properly tracked and maintained
  • It lets you know the expense of a particular project so you can plan accordingly.
  • In case any issues or problems arises in aby project, this ERP effectively manages it.
  • This software provides you the real-time tracking of the project and lets you know its current status and all the issues related to it.
  • There is self-service system for all the roles.
  • Such a strong project management system helps you utilize your resources efficiently.

Asset maintenance:

  • All the assets of the company are properly maintained. It offers the preventive maintenance schedule that lets you focus on every asset minutely.
  • As per your instructions, it keeps a detailed record of all the assets that need maintenance under this department.
  • It helps in tracking the time and labor invested in completing a task. It keeps the record of the resources invested in a task and the amount of time taken to complete it.
  • It also manages the spares and consumables that are made a part of a particular project.
  •  All the maintenance schedules and other related processes are comprehensively tracked and reported.

POS (Point Of Sale):

  • The web-based POS that is integrated with the CREST ERP has great flexibility.
  • The POS is very easy to use
  • It includes features like terminal opening/closing and billing.
  • The role of third-party ERP is reduced due to the automatic financial transaction creation.

Sales Force Automation:

  • It has an order processing system that lets your employees book an order even without an internet connection.
  • It includes PJP (Permanent Journey Planning) which plans the daily target of sales representatives.
  • All the visits made by the sales representative are tracked using SFA and kept the record for efficient management
  • It offers you real-time data synchronization via online and offline mode.
  • All the transactions made are recorded for instant review. It also manages analytical dashboards.
  • It can be used to set the daily targets for the sales representative that could also be later on checked.
  • The number of stocks in outlets are also checked frequently via this model.
  • It can also snap the picture of the order aisle while order booking. The picture could be used to display in the stores.
  • Why CREST can be your choice?

    There are various benefits offered by CREST ERP that is worth considering while you are planning to buy an enterprise resource planning business solution. To make your CREST decision easier, have a look at the benefits provided by this software –

    • Variety of modules at your space: There is not just one module that the software offers. CREST offers you a wide range of modules that you can efficiently utilize to hike up the level of your business model. It includes asset maintenance, e-commerce management, inventory, sales management, procurement, etc. All these help in the sales and other business angles.
    •  Flexible accounting: CREST ERP helps you establish various legal entities on your own and build their own currency and calendar. In addition to this, CREST’s AAS (Automatic Accounting Schedule) creates accounting transactions on its own without any requirement of human effort. Thus, it saves you a lot of time and effort.
    • Flexible and worthy business solution: CREST ERP can be termed as a business solution that is really worthy. No matter what the size of your business it you can count on this software. This is why it is called flexible. Also, the amount of features and benefits offered by the brand under its rate is quite worthy and worth buying. QoS and SLAs are offered as a part of the subscription model.
    • Plan it as per your business model: CREST ERP is not restricted when it comes to flexibility. This is a multi-tenanted business solution and you can use it horizontally or vertically as per your need. Any of these does not affect the performance of the software.
    • Integrated platform: CREST ERP is an integrated and very collaborative business solution as it offers a variety of modules to its customers. It offers task management on both online and offline platforms. So, you can easily carry out the work according to your convenience.
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