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Trading Organization

Xmplar excels in aligning details for desired outcomes, from defining requirements through implementation. Their case management solution reduced backlog, increased citizen trust, and promoted fairness in the justice system, supported by integrated sharing and efficient processes.

Pain Areas

Multiple S/w for multiple processes

Unable to manage vendor stock and account

Unable to consolidate the data

Struggling to capture the retail sales


A critical government function suffered from legacy issues, affecting service delivery

  • Paper-based process
  • Process redundancy
  • Quality of data & migration
  • Rising number of bottlenecks
Solution Capabilities

We found several ways in which a technologically better system could support the department's work

  • Standardized license processing & registration processing
  • Centralized query & repository
  • Secured role based access
  • Audit Trial – Centrally managed
  • Integration – with CAD / RMS
  • Aggregated data analysis


Consignment sale – gave greater control on vendor items

Warehouse Management system – Good control on Inventory

The cost of maintenance is very low and hence better Return of Investment


Improved productivity and better utilization of resources

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