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CREST SFA Stationary

World’s largest and oldest manufacturers of Stationary items (e.g., Pens, Pencils, staplers, slide rules, erasers, rulers) and art supplies, as well as high-end writing instruments and luxury leather goods.

Founded : 1761

WW Head Quarter : Stein, Germany

India Head Quarter : Mumbai

India Revenue : $5 Million


Efficient Reporting

Overcoming delays by automating report generation and data consolidation.


Sales Monitoring

Real-time data absence delays managerial decisions.

MRP Flexibility

Duplication and reporting woes due to missing provisions.

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Manual Notifications

Time-consuming distributor and sub-distributor order updates.


CREST Sales Force Application with CREST CRM

Simple & Self-explanatory UI design with intuitive Dashboards

Simple and efficient Order booking process through the mobile application

GPS co-ordinates to track where & when the order is created by Sales Rep

Order history information stored for the last 30 days data in the mobile for reference

Store & Forward logic used where the data is constantly Synchronization to the central database

Provision to capture Live Shop images and also can use the images from gallery

Benefits / Result

Order booking screen was simple and feature rich, which gave the users a pleasant experience which resulted in better Quality of information recorded on-time

Capturing of Geo co-ordinates at the time of order booking, brings in more discipline with the sales representative and also enables them to follow the approved Journey plan

Store & Forward feature helps in quick Synchronization of Order information to the central database. With this feature, Orders can be recorded digitally from locations where internet connectivity is poor

Feature to capture multiple MRP’s against a product was a real boon for the client and with this implementation they were able to clean & standardize their masters. This also gave great flexibility and ease of order booking to the sales representative

Client Speak

CREST SFA is an incredible tool. It’s powerful, simple, easy to use, and having unique capabilities. This tool is a clear winner with our sales team. Its simple order booking system, online -offline data synchronization, digital demonstration, PJP, geo coordinates and powerful reports and dashboard gives us real time visibility and has increased the efficiency and productivity of the Sales team to a great extent. Xmplar team is very supportive and they have a very deep understanding of the domain which ensured that the implementation was smooth and successful. We wish their entire team good luck & success !

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