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Discrete [ Discontinuous] Manufacturing


Manufacturing industries face challenges at different levels. For most SME - midsized ones, those challenges themselves can bog them down. Introducing an ERP helps them transition from chaos to order, wastage of resources to efficiency.
CREST ERP supports discontinuous manufacturing processes

Implementation Highlights

CREST ERP could meet all customer needs out of the box, with zero customization.


CREST ERP in Pest Control & Crop Management business:
Key Features

Pest control products, except chemicals, are made following a discrete manufacturing process. With variants of products being made, component availability has to be ensured for smooth flow of products into the market. Inventory visibility is very critical. The value-chain has to be optimized with better planning and processes

Production and Despatch Planning

Essentially a make-to-stock [MTS] business, good planning of production, and shipments helps save costs. With optimized inventory levels for minimum stock, reorder etc., a shortage-based production planning model worked best for them

Finished Goods costing

A price-sensitive consumer segment means manufacturing cost has to be minimized and be under constant observation. By giving granular production cost data, CREST ERP helped them stay on top of their game.


Financial Data and Indicators

With sound financial controls brought in by CREST ERP, the management stays assured of process discipline. The ability to track activities, across their stages till completion, is made possible by various reports. Workflows do their bit too.

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