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Discrete [Discontinuous] Manufacturing


Manufacturing industries face challenges at different levels. For most SME - midsized ones, those challenges themselves can bog them down. Introducing an ERP helps them transition from chaos to order, wastage of resources to efficiency. CREST ERP supports discontinuous manufacturing processes.

Implementation Highlights

The requirements across industries, that are listed over here, are all satisfied by CREST ERP, without any customization at all. Which means that they were not unique, a common misconception among user industries


CREST ERP in Miscelllaneous Manufacturing Industries

From very basic inventory management, to complete Production Planning and Scheduling, CREST ERP has addressed myriad requirements of the Manufacturing Sector. Let's look at some of them!

Shopfloor Visibility

Without an ERP in use, the Shopfloor becomes a Black Hole. Only the Production Team knows the actual state of affairs, at any given time.

Avoiding Excess Buying

Lack of accurate information about stocks already lying in the warehouse leads to repeat buying. This leads to not only excess stocks, but also locking up working capital


Make-to-Order Nightmares

You have been making them for various OEM users. But, how do you know if a customer is asking for an existing item, or not?

Does CREST ERP Suit My Business ?

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