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Discrete [ Discontinuous] Manufacturing


Manufacturing industries face challenges at different levels. For most SME - midsized ones, those challenges themselves can bog them down. Introducing an ERP helps them transition from chaos to order, wastage of resources to efficiency.
CREST ERP supports discontinuous manufacturing processes

Industry Snapshot

Foam & Mattress Industry Solution:
Key Features

Manufacture of foams, and various consumer products out of them, such as mattresses, pillows etc. is essentially routine manufacturing activity. However, there are certain unique aspects to this industry, which makes adopting a good cloud ERP a wise decision.
Being a consumer product, the cost of branding, marketing, and distribution are very high. Therefore, manufacturers are constantly trying to control cost of production, without diluting quality, and protect their margins.


- Product grade and stage wise stock visibility, without creating multiple SKUs for every grade, or stage - Comprehensive material planning - Automatic raw material indent to stores based on production plan


Automatic Purchase Order generation, based on inventory levels


Production Scrap & Wastage

- Production planning based on Consolidated Sales Orders - Stage wise Production reporting (Latex preparation, to finished product -Production accounting simplified, with barcode sacn


Material Traceability

Barcoding for final despatch. Automated Batch number with Traceability.

Implementation Highlights

In a highly competitive, brand-driven industry, manufacturers are constantly looking at ways to capture the market with products that offer better style, comfort and healthy sleep.

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