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Pain Areas

  • Multiple S/w for multiple processes
  • Struggling to capture the retail sales
  • Unable to consolidate the data
  • Unable to manage vendor stock and account


  • Heterogeneous S/w Environment
  • Barcode solution within the ERP
  • Ecommerce Integration
  • Online inventory check
  • Consolidated reports
  • CREST ERP integrated with POS
  • CREST eCommerce platform
  • CREST Sales CRM
  • Barcode Solutions
  • Integrated system to manage all their business processes
  • Consignment sale – gave greater control on vendor items
  • Warehouse Management system – Good control on Inventory
Xmplar excels in making sure the fundamental details support the desired outcomes. This starts by working closely with clients and stakeholders to define the business and organizational requirements that the client is seeking to implement and translating them into project requirements. Xmplar had developed and implemented a custom case management solution for a National government.Sustainability and local ownership were critical aspects of the project. Each system was developed under strict guidelines. All case management systems support an integrated justice model, allowing each agency to share information across the sector. Additionally, the police officers, prosecutors, public defenders, judges and corrections officials can record, manage, and track cases throughout the judicial process.The system helped rapidly decrease case backlog by 5000+ cases a year, increasing citizen’s participation and confidence in the justice system. Automatic assignment of cases supported equal justice by removing any question of favourable assignments of prosecutors/judges. The ability to generate custom forms and reports further increase operational efficiency. Also, civil society organizations are active proponents of the system since relevant information about cases are now significantly easier to obtain.

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