Xmplar has delivered large and very complex applications for Government organization in Criminal & Justice space.
MOTS – Modifiable Off-The Shelf Solutions, cater to various sectors in the government space.

Weapon Management System

Data Analytics

Motor Vehicles

Applications that can be used by local, state and federal criminal justice agencies to manage information regarding citizens of driving and illegal history.

Licensing & Registration

Custom Enterprise Systems


Criminal Justice

JIMS – Justice information system is a comprehensive solution comprising of various modules like.

Tracking Systems

Tracking systems helps in enhanced operational efficiency in overall criminal sector, enabling data driven decisions and improved governance and trust among crime detection agencies.

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Canteen Management

An Employee fingerprint registration Canteen Management
application where an authenticated user can filter Employees and perform the functions of issuing the meals.

Visitor Management

QR code based and Facial Recognition based Visitor Management system software can help in enabling visitors to make an entry into the premises without using paper. When an authenticated user enters the premises can reach the location by using navigation and perform the functions of completing a visit. Gain visitor access control.

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