Xmplar has delivered large and very complex applications for Government organization in Criminal & Justice space.
MOTS – Modifiable Off-The Shelf Solutions, cater to various sectors in the government space.

Weapon Management System

  • Get Employee Assignment information, on real-time Control on the Weapons due to transfers/suspensions/retirement.
  • Able to track the inventory of Weapons Manual documentation eliminated Maintenance of Weapons.
  • Weapon Assignment
  • Procurement - from Ordinance Factory
  • Weapon Issue & Receipts
  • Employee Transfer, Suspension & Retirement process – Weapon accounting
  • Weapon Servicing.

Crest FSA

CREST Field Sales App is a Mobile app that can help you to track your on the Field sales activities to get an overview of on the ground Sales Operations.

  • Used By Field Sales Personnel for acquiring new customers
  • Lead Generation and Lead reporting on the Go
  • Better Tracking for field operations

Data Analytics

  • ADAPT: is a comprehensive Data analytical tool to evaluate, refine information and realize better information to guide strategies.

  • ADAPT can source data from multiple systems, accommodate large volume of data, Handles unstructured data, Reduce/Eliminate repetitive IT intervention for access to data, Fast searching & extensive filtering capabilities, Advance support for free format and big text fields.
  • ​Critical Questions​
  • Availability of Data​
  • Extract & Transform
  • Package Information
  • Evaluate & Refine

Motor Vehicles

Applications that can be used by local, state and federal criminal justice agencies to manage information regarding citizens of driving and illegal history.

  • Motor Vehicle Automated Citation and Crash System
  • Motor Vehicle, Criminal History and Stolen Vehicle Database Interface
  • License Plate Reader Interface with Department of Motor Vehicles and Criminal History Database.

Licensing & Registration

  • Licensing process between regimes exhibit some common characteristics and follow a consistent operating model.
  • Xmplar’s Licensing & Registration system is a Modifiable Off the Shelf product, which can be used to quickly customize to the licensing requirements of a government.
  • “Apply, Assess, Register, Maintain & End” – typical steps in a licensing process is readily available thus reducing the implementation time.

Custom Enterprise Systems

  • CREST Procurement & Sales Management if needed Integration to existing ERP's.
  • CREST ERP Inventory Management System can make life easier to make transaction data available for custom reports.
  • CREST ERP Asset Management System can be integrated with most of the ERP's in the market.
  • CREST Finance (GL,AP,AR) can help in exporting financial Data in PDF, EXCEL to make powerful decisions.

Criminal Justice

JIMS – Justice information system is a comprehensive solution comprising of various modules like.

  • Police Incident/Investigation management system
  • Criminal History & Warrant Management
  • Prosecutor case management system
  • Court management system
  • Prison management system
  • Appeal Management system
  • Public defender system

Tracking Systems

Tracking systems helps in enhanced operational efficiency in overall criminal sector, enabling data driven decisions and improved governance and trust among crime detection agencies.

  • Gang Tracking System
  • Integrated and sustainable system
  • Incident Tracking System

Canteen Management

An Employee fingerprint registration Canteen Management
application where an authenticated user can filter Employees and perform the functions of issuing the meals.

  • To issue food to employees based on Fingerprint Registration and access
  • To have overview of Meal based consumption report for the management to see the entry and exit
  • Vendor Management can be done through the system to have the overview of number and vendors and their performance

Visitor Management

QR code based and Facial Recognition based Visitor Management can help in enabling visitors to make an entry into the premises without using paper. When an authenticated user enters the premises can reach the location by using navigation and perform the functions of completing a visit.

  • To issue access to visitors based on temporary ID’s
  • To have RFID / Barcode reading of the visitor entry and exit
  • No Manual Intervention
  • No Paper work required

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