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 Xmplar Management Solutions , We are committed to closely secure and Sustain the privacy of
our Clients, Partners and Visitors to our website.

Privacy Policy

At Xmplar Management Solutions Pvt Ltd, We are committed to closely secure and Sustain the privacy of our Clients, Partners and Visitors to our website located at This page is used to explain the visitors (Our Clients, Partners, and others) to our website about our Privacy Policies with the collection of required data, and it’s utilization, and disclosure of Personal Information if anyone decided to use our Services from our/ this website domain located at and all related product sites catalogued on our website Once you commence/ choose to use the services available at our website, you Concede to our collection of your Personal information, It’s use, and disclosure of the same as described in this Privacy Policy. We do value / respect the privacy of your personal and corporate information and protecting your Privacy is most important to us. The Personal Information that we collect is used for internal purpose only and/or for providing accurate information and improvising our services to you.Xmplar will never deliberately share your personal information to any third party unless you direct us to do so or disclosure is required by law. This Site is Inherited and contained by Xmplar Management Solution Pvt Ltd. (# 760, 2nd Floor, 19th Main Road, Sector 2, HSR Layout, Bangalore -560102).

We preserve all the rights to change, update, enhance or alter this Privacy Policy from time to time and these changes will be effective once posted on this domain (, So please do review this Privacy statement closely. The changes and the updates made will be brought to your notice through registered Email ID or through any other means of communication. We will use your personal information in a manner rational with the Privacy Policy in effect from the time you submit the information unless you agree to the new or revised Privacy Policy statement. By continuing to use this website, you agree to accept the terms used in this Privacy statement in relation to our Product and Services.

Xmplar’s services may alter with/over time and we may come up with the new additional features that might collect different or new types of information.

Reason/ Need for Data Or Information collection and it’s usage

Xmplar uses the provided information only to the required extent for the improvised and enhanced services to our Clients, Partners, Visitors. Xmplar believes in limiting the usage and purpose of the data submitted by the visitors in our website

Xmplar may also collect information to examine combined usage of our website. Xmplar automatically collects certain secured usage information from customers, such as their IP address, Cookies (these are small pieces of stored data on a User’s), device identifiers, log information, Location data, viewed pages, browser type and links you click on to get in touch/ enquire about our Product and services and few other different usage information collected from various tracking technologies and cookies.


Personal information

Personal information means data/ info about an individual who can be specified from those data.

Cookies Data

Cookies are small pieces of stored data on a User’s device which provides information regarding the computer used by a visitor.

User Data

The User is the one who agrees to submit the required mandatory data in our website domain and who agrees to use our Services.

Required/ Essential usage Data

Usage Data which is required is collected automatically when you use our services in the website.

Data Controller

Data Controller means an individual who identifies the need of the data and determines ways in which the provided/ submitted data should be used or processed.

Service Providers or Data Processor

Service Providers or data processor is the person or an individual who processes the data on Data Controllers behalf. We might use services from various service providers for processing the submitted data more efficiently and effectively.

Types of the Personal Information/ Data collected (What Personal data Xmplar Collects)

Service Providers or data processor is the person or an individual who processes the data on Data Controllers behalf. We might use services from various service providers for processing the submitted data more efficiently and effectively.

Other Information Or Data We Collect

Other Information such as Professional Data, Financial Data, Transaction Data, Marketing and Communications Data is collected for providing our services to you with the best available service quality and this data provided by you will not be disclosed with any individual or organisation unless any third party services are required and which will be conveyed/ Updated to you and upon your agreement to proceed further on the same.

Other Websites Links, Services and their Regulations (Third Party Links and Services and regulations)

This Privacy Policy Statement is applicable only to Xmplar Management Solutions Pvt Ltd. Product and Services only. We do not possess control over other websites or Third Party websites who might display/ include our website’s link in their website domain.

These Third party websites have their own and different privacy policies and we hold no responsibility or assurances displayed on these linked websites but we are open to feedbacks and we welcome the feedbacks and comments from your end to protect the integrity and privacy of our website and also we hold no responsibility for the information or data, cookies or your other personal information or files on your computer collected from these Third-party websites. 

Our website may consist of website links to Third party websites wherein you will be redirected to those website links. Please be noted that these third party websites are not governed by us. Hence, we strongly recommend you to review their privacy policies before submitting any kind of information or data to them located at their respective websites.

Also please be assured that we do not Trade, Sell or transfer any kind of data or information that you provide to us be it International or at domestic levels or vendors and even if we do so we will bring the same to your notice before updating it to anyone / anywhere else because the privacy of Our Clients, Partners or Visitors to our Website is most important to us and that’s the most important aspect we seek.

Third Party information sharing and Regulations


The customers who use our product and services have all the right to choose, permit or restrict Third Party Services. Also customer has the right to request that his personal data to be deleted under few circumstances such as if customer is not willing to use our product any longer (based on the agreement) or for any other valid reason as per this privacy policy and law. Basically, the Third Party services are the software vendors that collaborate with the services we provide as per customer need and authorization. Customer holds all the rights to activate or deactivate these integrations for their workplace with certain rules and regulations as per this Privacy policy.

Sharing Of Data / Information

 Xmplar Management Solutions Pvt Ltd. Has your consent and shares only personal and client information with the trusted business partners or any third party individual for the reason/ Purpose being that they can process the information on our behalf effectively and efficiently without disclosing the same to any other third party vendor to improvise and enhance our product and services.

Data Security Or Information Security

We value Our Clients, Partners and Visitors security and privacy to our website and their trust in us by submitting their personal data and related information. Hence, protecting the same is highly important to us and please be assured that the data provided or submitted from your end to us is 100% safe and secured and also be assured that this information will not be disclosed with any other individual / Organisation.

We use different and latest security technologies and techniques to keep customer’s data protected from unauthorized access, it’s usage, or it’s disclosure. Every user of our product is password protected and is specific to each user which reduces the risk of theft of customer’s personal data. Please do not share the login credentials with any individual as there may be chances of theft, change or modification or data transmission from the product and we hold no responsibility for the same. Please feel free to reach us in case any such situation occurs. We will help to maximum to address the same. 

Issues and Enforcement

Xmplar regularly reviews its adherence with this privacy policy statement. Whenever we receive complaints, it’s our policy to address the clients complaints and their concerns related to our product and services. We will assign the respective authorities to address clients concern and solve them at the earliest, including local data protection authorities, to resolve any issue that customer is facing.

Modifications in this Privacy Policy

Please be informed that this Privacy statement may changed, modified or altered over time. We will not limit or cut down your rights under this Privacy Policy statement without your knowledge / Consent. We will bring the same to your notice through email by sending you notification or through any other means of communication and also will post on this page. If the changes are significant we will look into it with high priority. So please review our privacy policy closely more often so that you do not miss out on any updates.

Retention Of your Data

We will retain the data submitted or shared from your end with respect to the permitted applicable laws and regulations as long as required to serve you with our product and services and as long as you are active i.e until the time you agreed to avail our services as per our agreement documents signed by you and us (i.e Xmplar).

Access Rights Customer Possesses

Customer has the rights to access his account online (as our Product is cloud based – SaaS) to view his personal information details (Profile), make the updates, corrections and changes at any time and we respect the rights for the same.

Get in Touch with us

Xmplar welcomes your comments if you have any queries, questions or concerns regarding this privacy policy. If you have questions about this statement. Please contact/ reach us using the information mentioned below:

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