We help in transforming
the way you do business with IT

  • We believe that business goals should always drive a solution for any organization,therefore we consider technology as tool and enabler to achieve your business goals.
  • Our approach is to align your business and IT goals by providing Strategic Planning, Project Management, Management consulting, Application development & Maintenance services
  • We are experts at delivering software incrementally, picking the right Technology stack, and delivering projects on time to our clients.
  • Our solutions are transparent, flexible and have the ability to adapt to dynamic business environment .

We’re creating transparency for local, state, and national governments

  • Public Safety
  • Criminal Justice
  • Transportation
  • Public Health
  • Child Welfare

Technology Specialization

Programming : Java, Spring, Struts, Solr, RabbitMQ, Angular.JS, Node.JS,   Webservices
UX : HTML5, Primefaces, Sencha ext js, Bootstrap, CSS
DB : MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL server
Bigdata : Cassandra, MongoDB & Cough DB
Enterprise solutions : Ofbiz framework