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Internet & E – Commerce


The global Internet audience continues to grow rapidly, with the worldwide base of broadband Internet users (including fixed and wireless) in the 3 billion range as 2015 began. This vast base of high speed Internet users encourages businesses to innovate in order to offer an ever-evolving array of online services. Sectors that are growing very rapidly online include the sale of entertainment products, event tickets, travel and apparel and consumer electronics.

Our Strength

Our team at Xmplar consists of Passionate Industry experts from diverse backgrounds which gives us profound insights into various industries. One such vertical is the Internet & E-Commerce industry. We have provided customized solutions for various Fortune 500 companies globally as and when they were faced with challenging recruitment targets.

With over 30 different assessment categories and a 25000+ question bank, we have assessed candidates in fields such as Sales, Coding, Web/Graphic Designing/Development and Marketing to name a few, and have delivered on clients requirements successfully.