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The Indian IT Industry is growing steadily despite the global meltdown in the year 2009. While the whole world was witnessing the negative growth, the Indian IT industry managed to register a growth of 5.5%, Presently, the Industry is about to register the historic landmark of $50 Billion worth of export this year, as reported by Nasscom. The domestic market witnessed a growth of 12%, increasing the potential size of the offshoring industry to an estimated $120 to $180 Billion by the financial year end 2015. With such a huge catalogue, the IT Industry employs around 1 million people directly and about 2.5 million indirectly. According to Nasscom report the IT Industry is expected to add another 150,000 jobs by the end of 2015.

Our Strength

Since our inception we have always relied on technology to maximize our delivery output, as the co-founders of our organization are industry experts with a combined industry exposure of close to 5 decades. Therefore we understand every crucial detail that goes into the search, screening and finalizing a candidate per our client’s requirements for their mission critical projects.

Once again we rely on our proprietary tool to analyze & assess candidates according to organizational, Knowledge & Skill Set requirements as per client’s standards.