CRESTERP – Access your business anytime, anywhere

Crest is a fully integrated ERP product for Trading, Manufacturing, & Service organizations to effectively manage their business operations and enable organizations to make data driven management decisions. CREST ERP is a powerful tool that frees up your resources, increases employee productivity so that you can focus on growing your business.

CREST ERP has a complete suite of modules covering the complete business landscape. Modules include Procurement, Inventory, Manufacturing, Sales & Distribution, Finance, Project Management, CRM, Human Capital Management & Fixed Assets. It integrates all the functions into a single automated system thus giving greater control to stakeholders on their operations. It’s a innovative system which you can count on.

CREST ERP – Modules


Procurement Management

  • Streamline Agreement process to meet the needs of business
  • Improve insight into spending performance and identify opportunities for savings
  • Gain 360-degree visibility into supplier relationships, performance, and risks
  • Streamline the source-to-contract and procurement process
  • Streamline the purchase approval mechanism

Inventory Management

  • Track real time Inventory visibility, helping in improving operational efficiency.
  • Standardize their technical and non-technical assets.
  • Warehouse optimization.
  • Provision to record and track all type of item classes in the system.
  • Complete control on the stock movement such as receipts, issues, transfers etc., thus giving an opportunity to effectively track assets as they move across locations.

Project Management

  • Integrated project planning and tracking.
  • Enable visibility into project budgets to determine overall financial health.
  • Effective control on project issues and changes.
  • Provide real-time, accurate project status and issue management.
  • Self service functions for each role.
  • Helps to maximize resource utilization and profitability.

Accounts Payable

  • Helps to instill corporate and fiscal discipline by allowing you to create and maintain business rules for additional control and flexibility.
  • Eliminate redundancies and centralize control.
  • Flexibility to configure multiple tenants under one organization.
  • Complex and diverse statutory requirements.
  • Flexible Automatic Accounting Schedule (AAS) simplifying the accounting process.

Human Resource Management

  • Manage and maintain complete life cycle information about the employees such as basic profile, qualification, competency, training/certification details, assignment information etc.
  • Employee Leave management – Online leave application, Approval, Tracking of Leave history.
  • Manage the approval mechanism (as this module would enable us to setup the Employee approval hierarchy in the product).
  • To track the Assets assigned to a specific individua.

Sales Management

  • Eliminate duplication and increase efficiency – Enquiry, Order, Picking, Packing, Shipment and Sales Invoicing process.
  • Shorten the order to cash cycle.
  • Manage entire sales process.
  • Powerful reporting, alerts and controls.
  • Effective and accurate pricing and margin maintenance.

Accounts Receivable

  • Increase operational efficiency and cash flow.
  • Streamlines the invoice processing by automatically generating the invoices. based on flexible AAS – Automatic.
  • Accounting Schedule.
  • Helps in having strong internal control.

Fixed Assets

  • Keep track of Fixed Assets in a more efficient manner.
  • Simplifying audits to verify and eliminate inconsistencies.
  • Ensure availability of Assets critical for operations.
  • Track the location of where the Assets are deployed.
  • Track the past movement of the Assets.
  • Depreciation calculation of Assets.

Production Management

  • Production orders – Create standard and specialproduction orders and allow manual or back-flush of components based on BOM.
  • Financial accounts and stock balances updates – for work in progress accounts and balances are updated in real time as components are issued to the production order.
  • Goods receipt and issue control – issue material manually or back flflush on receipt of goods.
  • Gain efficiency by automating processes and using integrated production functionality.
  • Better customer service with on-time delivery and fewer shortages and stock-outs.
  • Reduce inventory costs with improved inventory control and materials planning.
  • MRP functionality helps in better Material planning.
  • Capacity planning, Scheduling and Operations.



Eliminates redundant processes and tasks through automation.


Stores all enterprise data in a centralized storage, thus giving a greater control on data and its visibility.


Centralized data will bolster interdepartmental/ company-wide better/faster collaboration.


Automatic and coherent workflow from one department/function to another - ensuring smooth transition and quicker completion of processes.


CREST ERP Systems are scalable to accommodate additional processes, functionalities, users as the business grows overtime.


All customer and financial data, housed in one location overtime.


CREST ERP systems make it easier for order tracking, inventory tracking, revenue tracking, sales forecasting and related activities.


with one source of accurate & real time information, CREST ERP software significantly reduces administrative and operation costs.


A unified and single reporting system to analyze the statistics/status etc. in real-time, across all functions/departments.


CREST ERP Systems are more secure as centralized security policies can be applied to them. All transactions entered in the system can be tracked.